Ware State Prison – Recap From Gwen

A team of 25 members of Remnant Fellowship primarily made up of technological experts, the band and the core prison ministry workers traveled 8 to 10 hours to Ware State Prison this past Friday. The Tech Team set up and the prisoners started entering the room – 150 prisoners plus guards and orderlies. I did not know what to expect. In fact, the prison photos made me somewhat apprehensive. My fears were alleviated immediately when I met inmate after inmate after inmate who had love in their heart, light in their eyes, humility in their actions, and respect and graciousness in their words. In fact, I don’t know when I have ever witnessed that level of humility and I don’t know when I have ever witnessed a sea of humility. There were scores of men who said they had been praying for 3 years to meet me and the church team- they were begging to join the church and be baptized. They rattled off stronghold after stronghold that they had laid down – anger, depression, despair, lust, greed, etc. I was so energized that the 8 hours we met with them seemed like minutes, and at 8:30 they dismissed the prisoners, so we broke down the set and went from there to Applebees with the Prison Chaplin – all sharing our stories with one another. There wasn’t a dry eye and everyone was overwhelmed and forever changed by this experience. These men all claimed that they lived for Fridays – the day that they got to hear one more sermon or lesson from the Weigh Down Series because now they had found a relationship with God. One man described his exit from the prison cell to the Friday Night Strongholds Class like “getting on a concord jet” – he couldn’t wait to be catapulted to class! They no longer saw themselves as a victim, but now got up every day wanting to live and to get closer to God and actualize the commands of God – put them into practice. The Deputy Warden and the Chaplin could not deny the changes in the men and the positive changes to the prison as a result of the Good News in its pure form. I know I was convicted to do more and will never be the same. It was a miracle but, through prayer, 4 cameras were allowed in to help capture this historic event, and it will be coming out soon. I wish you could have seen the light in their eyes. If God can use this suffering to transform hardened men into almost the most loving, grateful, childlike hearts – then give me more of that suffering. I pray that everyone would join with me across the world to make more of an effort in prisons – for what I found there was good soil, and it’s a lot more fun planting seeds when the soil is fertile. Amen.  -Gwen


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Hello. This ministry is very exciting & personal for me. My soon to be husband is an innate in Ware State Prison. I would really love it if someone would contact me. I want to talk to you about Jamie Crawford, an inmate & my soon to be husband. He needs this ministry & someone that can visit him on a regular basis & talk to him about The Lord. Jamie is a born again Christian but is so discouraged & does not believe God can or has forgiven him. Jamie knows this is his own lack of faith. Please contact me through email. merionfay18@aol.com. Thank you so much. In Christ, Merion


The pictures of these men raising their hands in praise to God bring tears of joy to my eyes. I am eager to hear more and find out how our family can help out in this ministry.


Wow! What a story! I praise God for @gwenshamblin and this team's tireless efforts to bring the true message to these men. Can't wait to see more footage and photos!

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A truly life changing event! I pray the world gets to hear what I heard that day!! Thank you, Gwen!!


Freedom to love GOD with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength even if you are in a prison cell

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Even though it is their prison uniform, I love the sea of white! Praise God for this ministry! Praise God for the changed hearts! I too am encouraged and convicted to do better! Some might say its easier to do it there than in the "real world" but surrounded by all the hate and hardened hearts, I can only imagine greed and self preseverance are more abundant than anywhere else! Not to mention the freedom that we have to get on line or pop in audio and get plugged into this message of truth when ever we want, daily, hourly. We have the freedom to have truthstream or some audio going every second of everyday! They only have Friday! Praying for these hearts! Praying for the prison ministry! Praising God!!


@shine4zion white is all they have if you look closely they're not all that white only very few the men have money to pay for the bleach that they have to buy from other inmates in the laundry my husband was there, remember glad you people come give them and something to look forward to because from my letters I think most of your blind from what's going on in there

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Amazing convicting powerful such an awesome God we serve!!

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My parents got the honor of being at this event! It is incredible to hear what God is doing in these men's lives!!! So powerful to witness Him moving and changing hearts!!!

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Thank you Erin for posting this link on FB. What a beautifully energizing way to begin my day. I too cannot wait to see the pictures/video of this ground-breaking event. We are the luckiest people on the planet. Thank you Gwen, Tech Team and Prison Ministry Team. Love you all

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Truly amazing!!! I had the privilege to witness this life changing event!!! Unbelievable to see such humility...more to come!

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Thanks so much for sharing this with us Ms. Gwen and the Team. I can't wait to see the Photos of the Day. These people are inside Prison, yet are living for GOD with A childlike Heart.. Makes me realize there Need be NO excuses for not Living Right Before GOD. PRAISE YOU.