2012 Remnant Fellowship Passover and Resurrection Celebration

Remnant Fellowship Resurrection & Passover Celebration 2014 – An Introduction

Last year (2013) at this time, we posted a few articles about what is our most special time of the year.  And we wanted to reiterate that information again this year!  Yes, we are approaching the time of PASSOVER…and the RESURRECTION CELEBRATION of Jesus Christ.  In just two weeks, the Remnant Fellowship will fully participate [...]

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April fools day

April 1st in the Remnant Fellowship – New Year Observance, not April Fools

Each year at this time, we are given a very blessed and EDUCATIONAL reminder about God’s calendar…and that the days that this world “celebrates” do not line up with what God honors.  In FACT, in many cases, what SHOULD be the focus on a certain day has been completely turned upside down by satan and [...]

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A Moment in Time…with an Impact for a Lifetime – A Hugely Successful Cincinnati Event

Our recent “Change the World for the Better” Tour event in Cincinnati, Ohio (March 21st and 22nd) was nothing short of AMAZING! There wasn’t a single aspect of the event…EVERYTHING included…that wasn’t totally touched and blessed and protected by the hand of GOD.

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Praising GOD for our February 2014 Staff Member of the Month – Erin Moore!

If you were a “fly on the wall” in the life of Gwen Shamblin, the founder of Weigh Down Ministries and the Remnant Fellowship Church, the first thing you would notice as you followed her around during a typical day would be that she is the GENUINE ARTICLE.  She practices what she preaches and teaches.  [...]

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Cincinnati - Change the World for the Better

More Life-Changing Memories – From Rebuilding the Wall to Changing the World for the Better

Person after person who has attended past events have shared publicly on many occasions that this was the catalyst that helped them go to the next level of both commitment to GOD and success in overcoming their strongholds.

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Changing the World for the Better – Gwen Speaks Live! – Remembering Life-Changing Weekends

Over the years, what GOD has done has been to make it very clear that He wants people who are totally devoted to Him to FIND EACH OTHER. So, inspired by the Truth of the Scriptures and a revolutionary understanding of how to explain them to people everywhere, Gwen embarked upon trip after trip, journey after journey, message after message, and sharing testimony after testimony…

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Praising GOD for our Weigh Down Staff Member of the Month for January 2014 – Debbie Blair

We’ve kicked off 2014 with a BANG here at Weigh Down and in the Remnant Fellowship Church!  We have more CLASSES going on right now than in any January in recent memory.  This means that more and more people are going to have exposure to the TRUTH and the Good News that is this: EVERYONE [...]

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Youth Facebook Class

Weigh Down Advanced – Exciting YOUTH Class and Facebook Chat Time

As January of 2014 has kicked off, we at this Church and in this Weigh Down Ministry have lots of CLASSES going on right now. We are doing all we can…at all ages…to get out this GOOD NEWS message to the world, and Gwen Shamblin’s Weigh Down classes and materials carry this message in a concise, clear, perfect package…

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Remnant Fellowship Members – Finding Godly Fellowship While “On the Road”

One of the many amazing characteristics of this Remnant Fellowship body of Christians is everyone’s never-ending love of FELLOWSHIP with each other. When you TRULY have a deep love of GOD in common with someone, your “connection” with each other is INSTANT.

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Gwen Shamblin’s 40-Day Journey – Re-live the Focus and Purity

TECHNOLOGY – A huge blessing when it is used for GOD’S glory! By now (late December of 2013)…especially given the fact that you are reading this article on an internet-enabled computer or mobile device…you are familiar with the “world wide web” and its capabilities to give you information on ANY subject in a matter of [...]

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The HOSANNA Symphony 2013 – A Powerful Production and a Beautiful Weekend

Such was the case this past weekend, as the Remnant Fellowship Saints gathered for our 2013 presentation of the HOSANNA Symphony Viewsical Production. GOD truly blessed every single aspect of the production AND the entire weekend, and He made it the “best ever” HOSANNA performance and weekend that any of us have experienced…dating back to the original, first-ever presentation in December of 2006.

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Make Remnant Fellowship Music into a Fun Family Activity and Evening

We are in the midst of our 2013 “HOSANNA Symphony season!”  This powerful “Viewsical” is set to be performed during the December 13th and 14th weekend, and the Remnant Saints and our guests will be traveling from hundreds and even thousands of miles away to see this amazing production…this look into “The Battle of the [...]

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Remnant Fellowship Church Dedication

The Remnant Fellowship Church Dedication – Words to Live By and a Time to Remember

The World English Dictionary – at Dictionary.com – offers this as one of the definitions of the word “dedication” – “complete and wholehearted devotion…” This sets up nicely the REST of the definition for us here in the Remnant Fellowship.  We are taught here that to be “dedicated” to GOD and to Jesus Christ and [...]

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Experienced Saints – Getting to Know More About these Highly Respected Remnant Fellowship Members

EXPERIENCED SAINTS – GETTING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THESE HIGHLY RESPECTED REMNANT FELLOWSHIP MEMBERS – 11/12/13 We are told in Leviticus 19 to rise in the presence of the aged…to show respect…and that this is a display and attitude of reverence before GOD when we do this.  We certainly are being taught that message CLEARLY [...]

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Remnant Fellowship - Zion Market

Zion Market – A Beautiful Picture of the Remnant Fellowship Saints Using their Gifts

Most adults in this country have been to some kind of “open market” in their lives.  Maybe it’s the local flea market.  Or perhaps you’ve been to the state fair…where booths and games and creative edible concoctions line acres of land as far as the eye can see.  Even bake sales and science fairs that [...]

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All Saints Week – The Remnant Fellowship Focuses on Those Devoted to Being “Living Sacrifices”

This is a strange week in the world…and especially in this country, the United States.  For those people who are seeking GOD with all of their hearts, we know that GOD has allowed satan to have a lot of power, influence, and room to operate in this world.  We know that the majority (WIDE is [...]

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Lots of Activity on the Remnant Fellowship Calendar! – A Review and Preview

As Summer has turned into Fall, we haven’t JUST had cooler weather, a change of scenery and colors, and pulled out the sweaters and jackets…no…here in the Remnant Fellowship, our CALENDAR fills up with a huge variety of special Assemblies, events, activities, and fellowship opportunities.  Here’s a brief summary of what has populated our calendars [...]

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Have You Checked Out our Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down Websites Recently?

“WEBSITES”…and the “World Wide Web” itself…have been around since the early 1990s, and the explosion of the internet in general has revolutionized the way that we communicate, learn more about the world around us, and share all kinds of information in general.  As has always been the case throughout history, something that GOD intends to [...]

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