The 2015 Feast of Tabernacles – Nothing but JOY!

NOTHING but JOY!!! That is how Gwen Shamblin has described, countless times, what our hearts should be full of during our Lord’s “Feast of Tabernacles” each year…and that certainly was the case in 2015! This particular Celebration honestly felt like the LONGEST one we’ve ever had…in every GOOD way. It truly seemed like the Celebration […]

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Words Cannot do Justice to the Joy and Power of GOD’S Festivals

While that title is absolutely TRUE…there are no adequate words to describe how AWESOME our GOD’S Festivals are…we have to TRY! We need to tell the world about what this Ministry and Church has in its possession. In reality, EVERYONE needs to hear the messages we are hearing. As the Scriptures say…and as Gwen has quoted and taught countless times over the years…the harvest is ripe!

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2012 Remnant Fellowship Passover and Resurrection Celebration

The Passover Meal 2015 – What to Do

Here in the Remnant Fellowship, we are beyond blessed each year at this time to observe, celebrate, and honor the Passover and Passion of Christ.  Gwen is faithful and Spirit-led as she shares with us the HEART behind what we are doing and WHY we are doing it.  And 2015 is no exception!  In following […]

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An Amazing Season of Weddings and Celebration in the Remnant

So…what do you get when you take EIGHT weekends…but really just SIX WEEKS in between those eight weekends…in the middle of the Christmas season – the busiest and heaviest traveling season for most people – and add in FOUR “fairy tale” sized Weddings, each one complete with its own unique theme, color scheme, differentiating decorations, […]

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The Celebration of Christ and Festival of Light – A Profound Message and Life-Changing Day

“The Festival of Lights… Now what do we mean by a light?  It is the immortalized ancient Saints that elucidate the path to eternal life… All the great Saints and Prophets and all the brave leaders were illuminators to the truth… Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and Rebecca, Joseph, Moses, David and Abigail, […]

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Remnant Fellowship - Church Building

Health Tips – Words from Gwen

Dear Saints, The original Israelites during Moses’ day were given advanced instructions on cleanliness and keeping disease and infection outside the camp and “at bay.”  As we travel and are in closer contact with one another, there are things that God taught Moses and the Hebrews that we can put into practice to help us […]

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Giving Praise to GOD for Joseph Langsdon – Remnant Fellowship Staff Member of the Month – August of 2014

“Consider it done…” If you were to spend any time at all around Joseph Langsdon, you wouldn’t have to wait long to hear those words.  Throughout this Ministry and Church, we cannot think of a harder working, more completely- committed-to-seeing-the-tasks-get-done man than Joseph.  Gwen has set the bar HIGH for all of us in this […]

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Thanking GOD for Candace Anger – Remnant Fellowship Staff Member of the Month – July of 2014

When you see or hear Remnant and Weigh Down founder Gwen Shamblin spreading this Good News message of permanent change and Christ-like love for GOD and for others, you can be sure that Candace Anger is standing somewhere nearby…ready to back it up and share it with the world!  With that kind of evangelistic, outward-thinking, […]

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Congratulations to Jenni Mendl – Remnant Fellowship Staff Member of the Month – June of 2014

HUMBLE, DEDICATED, DEVOTED, STEADFAST… Every one of these words – and many more Godly qualities…fruit of the Spirit…can be used to describe our Remnant Fellowship Staff Member of the Month for June of 2014 – JENNI MENDL. You won’t see Jenni “up front” very often.  Her words and her testimony are powerful and she is […]

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Breaking News! – Remnant Fellowship Prison Ministry wins Georgia State Award

For anyone who has been following the various Ministries of the Remnant Fellowship Church, you have seen, heard, and read about the amazing LIFE CHANGES that our PRISON Ministry is producing!  What started several years ago with a leading from Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship founder Gwen Shamblin to change lives with this message of […]

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